Advantages of infrared thermography testing

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  • Infrared Electrical Inspections and High Voltage Testing for Power Plants and Commercial Business.
  • Commercial businesses are often asked by insurance companies to conduct an infrared electrical inspection as a risk management tool.
  • During an infrared electrical inspection, elevated temperatures are located, including in the energized electrical system, and recorded before service interruption, equipment damage, or a possible fire occurs.
  • Breaker panels, switch gear, bus heads and other components specific to commercial businesses are inspected.
  • The findings are reported in a spreadsheet format and problem areas are illustrated with infrared themograms.
  • This annual inspection can increase safety and can be used by an insurance company to assess the potential risk of a commercial business.
  • If you are asked to conduct an infrared inspection, or want to see if such an inspection may lower your insurance rates give us a call.

Thermography is Cost and Time Effective

  • A non-contact, non-destructive means of testing
  • Reduce downtime
  • Virtually eliminate unnecessary work
  • Reduce unnecessary material expenses
  • Avoid catastrophic failures
  • Direct maintenance to the root of the problem

Our Services Include

  • Refractory Applications.
  • Annual Inspections
  • Testing and Documentations
  • Insurance Inspections
  • Process & Product Applications
  • Energy Conservation